Saturday, December 4, 2010

hoo wants a hoo hat?

Remember your foam cheese hat? -Oh, you didn't grow up across the St. Croix from Wisconsin? -well, then never mind.  What about that stupid foam lobster hat you bought vacationing in Florida when you were 10 years old? -Pretty fun, huh? - but also cheap & tacky & ultimately pretty useless.

Hoo Hats bring together the best of both hat worlds, merging the practical with the novel in a total package that is pretty near hat perfection:  Silly but also warm.  Striking but also water resistant & life-saving.  And coming from the near-frigid tundra that is Minnesota, I can personally attest that my life has been saved by lesser hats on numerous occasions.  Because if you've got to be stuck in the dark on the side of Highway 35 somewhere between Pine City & Hinckley in an arctic blast, you'll be glad to have that owl hat on hand to both nuzzle your noggin and calm your nerves.  Hoo Hats: whimsical but serious.  Seriously warm.

So, hoo wants one?

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